Does David Jones Price Match?

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David Jones is an upmarket department store. They sell famous designer brands like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Hugo Boss, as well as their own label, which is equally popular.

But, with all those premium products in-store, does David Jones price match?

David Jones has a price match policy that they like to refer to as a “promise”. According to the promise, if a competitor has an identical product at a lower price, David Jones will match that price.

Since the company sets the prices and not the individual store branches, all David Jones stores, whether online or offline, offer the Price Promise

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How to Get a Price Match at David Jones 

David Jones has a price match policy with much fewer terms and conditions than many other retailers, making it easy. Here’s what you need to do:

If you wish to request a price match in-store, simply inform a staff member.

If you want to request a price match online, talk to the customer service channel before making your purchase. They will be able to review the request. 

If you are shopping after their usual working hours, you can email them with the details of the product and price match at [email protected]


The requirements for price matching at David Jones are less restrictive compared to other stores and retailers.

Should you find a lower price for the same product elsewhere, they will match it with the following conditions:

  • The product must be identical in both David Jones stores or online sites and the competitor’s store.
  • Any product-related offers made by David Jones must also be available from their competitor.
  • The product must be in stock in either their store or website.
  • The competitor must be a store or website in Australia.


They don’t offer price matching for:

  • Independent online retailers
  • Auctions or eBay Buy it now products
  • Fire or liquidation sales
  • Rack, clearance, warehouse outlets, and duty-free stores. 
  • The competitors must also not be pure-play or international competitors 

Does David Jones Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Image showing a web page of the David Jones website

Although it is not explicitly stated in their policies, it is possible that David Jones may offer price adjustments at their stores.

This is, of course, subject to the retailer’s own discretion, and they may reject or approve a price adjustment based on different circumstances. 

For example, if a product drops in price while your order is still being fulfilled, you can request a price adjustment, and they may comply. You can ask their staff more about this in-store or contact them

Does David Jones Price Match Online?

Yes, David Jones is one of the few retailers that accept online price matches. The online store, however, must not be a stand-alone and must be in Australia.

Does David Jones Price Match Chemist Warehouse?

Yes. Chemist Warehouse is a large registered business in Australia therefore, David Jones accepts price match requests from the store both in-store and online. The same is true for the reverse.

Does David Jones Price Match Amazon? 

A pair of hands holding a cellphone showing an Amazon application

Unlikely. Since Amazon is an international store, they are not included in David Jones’ price matching policy.

However, that doesn’t mean that your local David Jones store management won’t accept a price-matching request, and there’s no harm in trying.

Amazon Australia does have an ABN number, so they may price match sometimes.

Although they do not have physical stores, David Jones has no restrictions for online-only stores except if they’re stand-alone single-sale stores.

Does David Jones Price Match Costco?

Yes. Based on their policy, they should give a price match for all Australian Costco locations.

The price matching policy at David Jones doesn’t list any specific acceptable stores. It does, however, have the condition that the price be from an Australian competitor.

Costco does have a number of retail warehouses throughout Australia. Therefore, as long as the store is in Australia, it should accept a price-matching request.

Does David Jones Price Match L’Elegante?

Yes, if you are able to find an identical clothing product in both stores. However, this is highly unlikely because L’Elegante has its own exclusive designers, and their items are only available on its website.

Yet, L’Elegante is a website found in Australia, so it fits the conditions stated in the price promise. 

Does David Jones Price Match Sportsgirl?

Yes, as long as the women’s apparel found on Sportsgirl and David Jones are identical and fit all the other conditions required. You should note that the store should be specifically in Australia to meet the requirements.

Does David Jones Price Match Myer?

Yes, the price match policy is applicable for Myer. Myer is a group of large department stores registered in Australia and also David Jones’s toughest competitor.

Therefore, it meets all the conditions for price matching as long as the products are identical.

Does David Jones Price Match Noni B?

Yes, according to their policy, David Jones will accept price matching requests for Noni B’s as long as the products are identical and meet the specified conditions.

Noni B is a large fashion retailer group in Australia, and it meets all the requirements for a price match at David Jones.

Does David Jones Price Match The Iconic?

Yes, they do accept price matches for The Iconic. One of the main conditions for a price match at David Jones is that the store must be in Australia, meaning that David Jones may match the price of any Australian retailer’s merchandise.

The Iconic is a business started in Australia similar to David Jones and one of their competitors.

However, they mostly specialize in fashion and sporting products and operate online, so you may have to double-check for specific items.

Other Ways to Save at David Jones

An image showing a webpage of the Little Birdie Website with text David Jones included in it

  • David Jones has a number of sales for various products, such as home electronics, clothes, and books, advertised on their website at
  • They also have exclusive rewards for members only, such as a welcome Offer of $10 off when you become a rewards member.
  • They have a 10% Cashback Offer for Union Pay. This offer is limited to 30% per card per month.
  • They also include an Alipay Black Diamond Offer available at participating stores only.
  • Free Standard Delivery on orders over $50 is available for a limited time only.
  • Customers can join their mailing lists to get exclusive deals. To join the mailing list go to their site to sign up for David Jones Rewards or sign up at the point of sale in-store or online. Complete your profile online to receive a Birthday Reward.
  • Sign up for a virtual card and receive membership rewards. You can download your virtual card via the Apple, Android, or Stocard links at any David Jones email base.
  • You can also track when prices drop at David Jones through various sites like little birdie.

Price Matching at David Jones

In summary, David Jones has one of the most inclusive price match promises of all Australian retailers. You can contact their online team for price matches or simply show proof of price at a physical store.

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