8 Best Cashback Sites Australia That Will Save You Money (2024)

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What if I told you that you could receive cashback by making purchases online from your favourite retailers? 

Well, that’s precisely what the best cashback sites in Australia allow you to do.

No matter what you usually purchase online, chances are there is a cashback website that will give you money for it.

Now, I know this sounds too good to be true – but with so much competition among retailers today, particularly in the online space, they are pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to get you to buy from their store rather than the competitors, which is where these cashback websites come into play.

Never heard of money cashback sites?  Not really sure if it’s for you? 

That’s ok because this guide will explain everything you need to know about the cashback websites Australia has to offer. 

In this cashback Australia guide, I’m going to explain the following:

  • Exactly just what a cashback shopping site is and how it works;
  • How you can earn cash back by shopping online today;
  • Details about what places offer cash back; and
  • Compare cashback websites so you can decide which are the best Australian cashback sites for you.

After reading this cashback online shopping guide, you will know exactly what is cashback and be ready to snap up some online bargains.

What is a Cashback Website? 

So firstly, let’s start with what shopping cashback sites are. 

Quite simply, online cashback sites give you a percentage of your money back, when you make a purchase from an online retailer that you access from a link on the cashback site.

The best cashback websites have teamed up with hundreds of online retailers and negotiated to be paid a commission when they send people to purchase from them. 

The cashback site then passes some of that commission on to you.

It’s basically a power of number things.  A cashback site is a way of thousands of people (like you and me) to team up and receive a discount from the online retailer that they otherwise would not receive when shopping as an individual.

How do Cashback Sites Work? 

How cashback works, is instead of going directly to the online retail store you want to buy from; first you go to the cashback site, then click a link that leads you to the retail store you wish to purchase from once you’re on the retail website you shop as usual.

So if you need to purchase from say an online clothes store, firstly you go to the cashback site and find the link to the clothes store on the cashback site. 

You then click the link to go to the clothes store website.  From here you just make your purchase as usual.

After you make your purchase, the online retailer pays a commission to the cashback site, and then the cashback site gives you a certain percentage of the commission they received.

It all happens automatically, and you don’t have to do anything different except for accessing the online retailer from one of the cashback online shopping websites. 

How Much Money Will I Receive? 

Cashback percentages range from 1-30% of the total value of your purchases (that is excluding GST and any shipping costs). 

However, on average, expect to make around 5% of your total purchase price.

How do I Receive the Cashback?

Your cashback payments accumulate in your cashback account, on the various cash back reward sites. 

Once you are ready to redeem your money, you simply click a button in your account and the money is paid to either your nominated bank account or PayPal account.

Most cash back places have a minimum amount you must earn before you can cash out. 

What Stores Offer Cash Back? 

When it comes to what stores offer cash back, chances are if they have an online store, then there is probably a cashback site you can earn money from on your purchases.

All the big brand names are represented on these sites.  You will find big supermarkets and department stores like Coles, Woolworths, Target, Myers and David Jones. 

There are also liquor stores that give cash back like Dan Murphy’s, BWS and First Choice Liquor. 

Popular clothing stores that have cash back are Forever New, The Iconic, Cotton On and even travel brands like Virgin Australia, Expedia, Booking.com and more.

Whatever you are buying online, one of the best cash back shopping sites will no doubt have the retailer listed, and you can earn cash from your purchases. 

Is it Worth it? 

If you were going to purchase the item anyway, and just by clicking elsewhere first you get the item cheaper – hell yeah it’s worth it!!

Honestly, it only takes a minute or so to sign up to these cash back reward websites, and it only takes a second to click on the link.

To make the most out of these cash back shopping websites, I recommend you join up to a few (see below for a list of the top cashback sites) and then when you need to make an online purchase, just check to see which site has the highest cash back and then go with them. 

Which are the Best Cashback Sites Australia has to offer? 

When it comes to cashback offers Australia has, there are a few different money back shopping sites to choose from.  While they are all somewhat similar, they also have their differences too.

I personally think Cashrewards is the best cashback website overall because they have the best range of everyday brands across a wide range of categories such as supermarkets, liquor, clothing and travel.

However, when it comes to the cashback rewards Australia provides, it really depends on your individual spending habits.

Below is a table with a list of cashback sites reviewed in this guide.  You can do a quick cashback compare, and read the reviews below for more detailed cashback research. 


Site Range of Retailers Minimum Cash Out Payout Method
CASHREWARDS Extensive range including supermarkets, liquor stores, clothing and travel. $10.01 Bank or PayPal
ShopBack Extensive range including supermarkets, liquor stores, clothing and travel. $10.01 Bank or PayPal
CashBack Club Good range but no supermarkets or liquor stores.  Best for home loans & insurance policies. No Minimum Bank Account
Cash Back World A small range of stores, can be used for many local stores. $15 Bank Account
Honey Extensive range of stores – 40,000 worldwide NA – Coupon site NA – Coupon site
Swagbucks Good range of retailers but no supermarkets or liquor stores.  Best for people who do online surveys as well. $3.00 Gift Card or PayPal
Rakuten Mostly USA stores $5 PayPal
Beem It Lots of Australian stores $10 To Your Beem It Account

Compare Cashback Websites 

So you’re convinced and now want to get cash back for shopping online – but which online cashback sites should you join?

Well, below I have provided a detailed review of a range of Aussie cash back sites so you can decide which cash back options are best for you.


Cashrewards is definitely one of the top cashback sites for Australians.

With over 1200 stores to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for on CASHREWARDS.

All the big brand name stores are here like Woolworths, David Jones, eBay, Amazon, Myer, Chemist Warehouse, ASOS, The Iconic, Groupon, Dan Murphy’s, The Good Guys, BCF, Virgin Australia, Booking.com and more.

To start getting cash back on purchases with CASHREWARDS, all you need to do is sign up.  It takes less than 1 minute to sign up, and these guys will give you $5 just for doing so.

You will also have to purchase something for at least $20 within 30 days from date of joining too.  But that shouldn’t be difficult with so much on offer.

Most cashback rates are around 5% of the total value of your purchases – but in some instances, it can be less and other times it can be as big as 40%!!

In addition to cashback, from time to time there are also additional discounts, coupons, promo codes, vouchers and other special offers too.

Once you make a purchase, your transaction will be recorded in your account on the CASHREWARDS site.  This usually takes between 2 – 7 days to appear – depending upon the retailer.

Then once the retailer confirms the purchase (to ensure for no returns etc.), your transaction will change to “Available Cashback”.

To claim cashback, you will need to have at least $10.01 in your “Available Cashback”. 

Then you can get your money transferred to your PayPal account or bank account. 

It usually takes around five business days to see that money in your account.

Another great thing about CASHREWARDS is that they will pay the equivalent of 1% of every cashback to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

So not only do you shop and get cashback but you can feel good knowing that a percentage of your purchases are going to a great course too.

Also, make sure you download the extension for your browser as this will then notify you when you’re on a site where you could be earning a cashback, and they have an App too so you can earn when you make purchases through your phone also. You can read our full Cashrewards review here.

Click here to join CASHREWARDS now.

2. ShopBack Australia

Another cashback site that is very similar to CASHREWARDS is ShopBack Australia.  These guys have over 500 stores you can get cashback on purchases.

There is a great range of cashback stores, including Woolworths, Myer, eBay, Amazon, Chemist Warehouse, ASOS, The Iconic, Groupon, Dan Murphy’s, The Good Guys, BCF, Virgin Australia, Booking.com and more.

Again, signing up only takes seconds, and you can discover cashback rewards right away by inviting your friends.  I mean sharing is caring as they say.

If your friend joins, you will get $5, as will they.  The catch is you will only get your $5 when your mate makes a purchase of at least $20 within in 30 days from date of joining too.  But that shouldn’t be difficult with so much on offer.

To get the most out of Shop Back be sure to add the extension to your browser so you can quickly check if you could be earning any cash backs on any online retailer you happen to stumble on.

Also, download the app too to make sure you get your cashback for any purchases you make while using your phone.

The cashback percentages are pretty much in line with what you’ll earn on CASHREWARDS, with most purchases earning you around 5%.

There are, however some shops where you will earn less and many more shops where you receive a stack more.  Make sure you check to see if there are any special deals or coupon codes before you make your purchase.

Once you make a purchase, your transaction will be recorded in your account on the ShopBack site.  This usually takes around 48 hours to appear – depending upon the retailer.  Then once the retailer confirms the purchase (to ensure for no returns etc.), your transaction will change to “Confirmed”.

To get your cash, you will need to have an available balance of at least $10.01.  Then you can get your money transferred to your PayPal account or bank account.  It usually takes around 3- 5 business days to see that money in your account.

Click here to join ShopBack now.

3. CashBack Club

Where CashBack Club really differs from the other sites is that you can also earn cash back from home loans and insurance policies.

These guys can assist you to compare a range of loans and policies, just like a broker, and will pass on to you any associated commissions from such products.  This in itself, could relate to thousands of dollars in cashback.

In fact, even for existing policies, you might have, even superannuation policies – if you notify the provider that CashBack Club is your new broker, all future trailing commissions will be credited to your CashBack Club account.

You can imagine that over the life of your mortgage or insurance policies, that could relate to some serious cash for you.

Putting home loans and insurance aside, these guys also offer all the usual online retailers.  Here you will find retailers such as Appliances Online, Expedia, ASOS, The Iconic, Biome and more.  You won’t find any big brand names for food or alcohol though like Woolworths or Coles.

While CashBack Club seems to have a smaller range when it comes to the big brand names, it does appear to offer some great cashback percentages.

In fact, these guys claim to offer the largest percentage cashback of all the Australian cashback sites.  You can also check out their coupon page to see if your favourite retailers have coupons which you can use in addition to the cashback.

Once you purchase from one of the retailers, you will see the transaction in your CashBack Club account.  This may take a few days to register. 

Once the retailer has paid the commission to CashBack Club you will note that it says “Payable” next to the transaction – this means you can claim the cashback. 

There is also no minimum amount you are required to cashback, so you can claim as little as 1 cent if you wish.

Click here to join CashBack Club now.

4. CashBack World

CashBack World is somewhat similar to CASHREWARDS and ShopBack, with the added benefit of having a physical card so you can earn cashback and points from shops you visit in person also. 

While you won’t find any of the every day retailers here like Woolworths or Coles, there is a good range of other stores.

Stores that offer cashback here include Agoda, Expedia, Catch, BCF, Rebel, Lowes, City Beach and Lorna Jane.

Cashback rates appear to be pretty low compared to the other sites.  Most retailers provide between 1 and 3% with the occasional 5% plus cashback. 

However, in addition to your cashback, you also earn shopping points.  You can use your accumulated shopping points to obtain additional discounts which can reduce the overall cost of your purchases.

Like most cashback sites, a record of your transaction will appear in your account on the site within 48 hours. However, it will take closer to 60-90 days before you’re able to cash out any money.  The minimum cash out amount is $15.00, which will be sent to your nominated bank account.

Unless you’ve checked the site and you can see a few physical stores nearby which you know you will visit, you’re probably better off joining up to one of the other cashback sites rather than Cashback World.

Click here to join CashBack World now.

5. Honey

Honey is not really a cashback site; instead, it is a browser extension that helps you find the very best discounts and coupons available on the internet to save you money.

It only takes seconds to add the extension to your browser, and from then on whenever you’re on a retailer website, Honey will go to work behind the scenes looking for the best deal for you.

This extension is so simple to use – its basically a set and forget.  Unlike the other cash sites that require you to go their site first (except if you’re using their browser), the Honey extension will automatically pop up and let you know what coupons or deals are available for that particular retailer.

Honey works across over 40,000 retail sites worldwide, so basically, if there is a coupon code out there, it will find it for you.

In addition to the savings to be had with Honey, you can also earn “Honey Gold” rewards when you shop at over 4000 participating stores.

You can use “Honey Gold” to redeem gift cards to spend online at Amazon.  To earn your first Honey Gold, send a referral link to a friend, and once they make their first purchase, you’ll receive 500 Honey Gold.

Click here to download Honey now.

6. Swagbucks

While primarily a survey site Swagbucks also offers cashback too.  So this is a good site to check out if you like doing online surveys to earn cash as well as earn some money for your online purchases.

While Swagbucks claim to have over 1500 retailers that you can earn cashback from, there doesn’t appear to be an extensive range of stores. 

Sure all the big names like Amazon, Cotton On, Catch, Booking.com, eBay, Freedom, ASOS, City Chic, Scoopon and the likes are there, but you won’t find everyday stores such as supermarkets or liquor stores.

Cashback percentages also appear reasonably low compared to some of the other cashback sites.  Expect to earn anything from around 1 to 5%, with the average more likely to be 3%.  There are plenty of coupons to look at too though, which will, of course, save you money in the long run also.

With Swagbucks, you earn points – or Swagbucks as your cashback.  You can then convert these Swagbucks into gifts cards or have them paid out into your PayPal account.  There is a minimum cash-out amount of $3.

If you love completing online surveys for cash (it’s a nifty way to make money online) and want your cashback and survey cash all in the one place, consider joining Swagbucks.  Otherwise, when it comes to cashback sites, one of the other ones mentioned above will provide you with a better cashback rate. You can read our full Swagbucks review here.

Click here to join Swagbucks now.

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is primarily a USA based cashback site which can be used globally.  However given it is US-based, you’re not going to find your everyday stores here like the local supermarkets and liquor stores although you will find some great deals on online stores like Amazon, eBay and Groupon.

The cashback rates on Rakuten appear to be much higher than any of the other sites reviewed in this guide. 

With a quick browse, you’ll see plenty of special offers for cash backs well over 10%.  Even standard cashback were between 3-10%.

Like all the other cash sites above, once you purchase via a retailer, it will be recorded in your account on Rakuten within a few days. 

Once your purchase is finalised, the retailer will send the cashback to Rakuten, and you will receive your payment once every three months – provided you have a balance of at least $5.00.

To increase your earnings on Rakuten, you can refer friends for an additional $25 cash bonus.  Plus you’ll even receive $10 just for joining up.

If you regularly purchase items from US brands, Rakuten is well worth considering, however for everyday spending, you’re most likely better off sticking with one of the other cashback sites. You can read our full Rakuten review here.

Click here to join Rakuten now.

8. Beem It

Beem It is a cashless payment platform (similar to Cash App) that allows users to send and receive money instantly, without the need for cash or bank cards.

The service is available to customers in Australia, and it offers a number of features, including cash back rewards. To get started, customers simply need to download the Beem It app and create an account.

From there, they can link their bank account or credit card and start earning cash back on eligible purchases.

Beem It also offers a Referral Program, which allows customers to earn cash back when they refer friends or family to the service.

Overall, Beem It is a convenient way to send and receive money, with the added benefit of cash-back rewards.

What about Ibotta?

If you’ve read any personal finance blog based in the US or with a global audience, you’re probably wondering if there are apps like Ibotta in Australia. (We even recommend Ibotta to our US readers). 

Unfortunately, Ibotta does not work in Australia, and even trying to access the app from outside the US will see you geo-blocked.

We highly recommend you check out Cashrewards, Shopback and Honey for a similar experience.

That said, if you do travel to the US (and yes that does include Hawaii) it can be useful to sign up when you are there as Ibotta is a great cash saver.

Fingers crossed, the team from Ibotta decided to cross the Pacific, as I know Ibotta would be huge in Australia. We’ll let you know if that ever happens!

In the meantime, we hope you’ve found this review of Australian cashback sites helpful. Do you use cashback sites? Let us know in the comments.

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